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Immigration Made Easy

The thought of moving abroad can often bedaunting. After weeks and months of dedication and hard work, when you arefinally offered the opportunity to immigrate for a once-in-a-lifetime adventureit may seem like you don’t know where to start. But don’t let the initialfright put you off. Here are some steps to get you ready for the big move;


It may seem obvious, but it is crucial that you save as much money as you can prior to your move. Initial costs that you should give thought to are as follows: visa application, plane tickets, housing/rent, emergencies and international shipments. Having six months’ worth of savings is realistic when moving abroad although you will still have to live on a tight budget before you find your feet. It is a good idea to research exchange rates and cost of living in your new home and coming up with a sensible budget plan making sure that you stick to it.

Transferring money from the UK to your new home abroad can be expensive, particularly if you use a high streets bank. To get the best rate and the lowest fees, consider updating your service after conducting some research as this will save you some money.


Before you can apply for a visa, you must have a valid passport. The rule in some countries is that it must be valid for at least six months before your travel date. Be sure to have this arranged months in advance to avoid any last minute stress or implications that could hinder your move.


Once you move from the UK permanently, you will no longer have access to NHS healthcare in the UK. You will need to deregister from the NHS scheme. Healthcare differentiates depending on what country you will be in so it is important to find out as much information you can about requirements and entitlements.

Establishing a mailing address

Depending on what country you are moving to, it is often a difficult task getting mail. It is a wise idea to ask a trusted friend or family member to be your official mailbox while you are gone. You can use the post office however having someone check your parcels and envelopes can be helpful if you require an immediate response. If you are moving to the UK, you must apply for a British citizenship leave to remain. This will ensure …

Ways to Green Your Business Without Spending Lots of Money

People are becoming increasingly conscious of the seriousimpact that humanity is having on the environment and although more attentionhas been brought to the importance of recycling, it is still not enough. Still,only 27% of plastic bottles are being recycled. This means a whole 73% arebeing distributed to landfills where they sit for up to 1,000 years todecompose. Not only is this damaging for the environment, but this is alsoaffecting the planets sea life whereby a devastating 100,000 marine animals dieeach year from plastic pollution in our oceans.

What people don’t realise is how easy it is to make a difference. But what about when it comes to sustainability in the workplace?  Not only does being sustainable positively impact the world in which we live in, but it is also a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd. Here are some simple steps on how to go green.

Turn the Power Off

It may seem obvious but there is nothing better for saving energy than switching the lights off when not in use. Of course, you are not expected to work in the dark, so when light is needed, switching to energy-saving light bulbs will improve sustainability and also save you some money. Before leaving the office, be sure that all equipment is switched off including computer screens and laptops. By turning all of your power off, it can help reduce energy by at least 25%.


All workplaces should provide recycling bins and employees should be expected to use them accordingly. Education the employees on the reasons for recycling and its impact on the environment will encourage them to do it regularly. Setting incentives and targets is also a good way to promote recycling so people don’t become lazy and complacent.

Condensing Pollution

Industrial sites can be detrimental to the environment due to the abundance of emission from both the building and the workers. Preventing harmful emissions may seem like a daunting task but are a great way of prevention is by installing industrial ventilation systems that consciously aim to reduce the amount of pollution that they release into the atmosphere. Air purification systems like stainless steel ducting are also advisable when it comes to emitting less toxicity into the atmosphere.


Replacing outdated appliances to their greener opposition is a great way to make a positive change and improve sustainability. When shopping, look for the …

Estate Planning For Business Owners: What To Consider When Writing A Will

As a business owner, you need to come toterms with the fact that you’ll need to leave your business one way or another.Whether it’s through passing away, quitting, handing it down to an heir, orsomething else. That’s why it’s essential to have a solid plan in place shouldthe worst happen. If you don’t, when you die your shares may end up being soldoff or broken up, meaning your business completely falls apart.

When To Draft A Will

Drafting a Will with Will writing solicitors Manchester enables you to figure out the future of your business and assets. Not only this, but it would give you greater peace of mind that you have plans in place should anything happen to you suddenly. When it comes to timings, drafting a Will as early as possible puts you in a prime position, ensuring all assets are covered from the start. For a business owner, a Will is so much more than simply who will inherit the value of the estate.

Heirs And Inheritors

If you’re running a family business, or any business whereby eventually responsibilities and assets will be passed down, it’s important to establish the heirs and inheritors. A business owner should consider:

  • How many people can it be passed onto given the structure of the company?
  • Who would be willing to take the business on?
  • What will be the tax implications?

Though you might be planning to leave your business to a family member, you need to take into account how they feel about the decision. They might not be willing to take on the business. These are important conversations you should be having before you prepare the Will.

Tax Planning

You may be planning to retire at the time of writing your Will. If this is the case, there are some guidelines in place to help you, such as:

  • Being cautious that you don’t breach the pensions lifetime allowance limit
  • Minimising inheritance tax on your estate by gifting assets in your lifetime
  • Considering the transfer of interest

All of these factors could affect the success of the business once it’s passed on. Consult the best trust solicitors Manchester has to offer in order to get the best outcome when it comes to tax planning.

Setting Goals

Setting out long-term goals for your business is vitally important, as you can make a note that you’d like your wishes to be …