Is Your Auto Mechanic Scamming You?

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The auto repair industry in the United States of America unfortunately has a bad reputation of cheating its customers. We struggle with this all of the time at Green’s Auto Repair where we guarantee quality and reliable service to our customers. But even still, we here horror stories every day.

A recent customer is also in the service industry. He owns multiple carpet cleaning franchises throughout the country, including Lloyd’s Chem-Dry in Denver, CO. He told us a story where the mechanic charged him double labor for the two repairs needed despite the fact the two repairs could be accomplished in almost the same time.

We hear similar stories all the time. Of course we prefer you choose Green’s Auto Repair for your auto repair needs but if you do consider another option, here are some things to be aware of before agreeing to pay a mechanic:


Loos for ASE Certification somewhere in the customer area or in the repair area. You should see multiple signs similar to diplomas on the wall that proves the mechanic is certified to perform the repairs needed.


Request the old parts the mechanic replaced from your car. This ensures that he did in fact remove them and you can then inspect them yourself to see if they truly needed to be repaired or not. You can also bring the parts to Green’s Auto Repair and we will perform an assessment as well.


Be leery of scare tactics from mechanics. Unless your car is smoking or on fire driving it to the repair shop there is a good chance the problem isn’t dire. If the mechanic implies that there is grave danger in continuing to drive the car or is overly dramatic it could be a sign that he intends to drive up the price of his service.


Be sure to ask a lot of questions to ensure you are confident the mechanic can complete the repair. You can ask the mechanic for reviews or recommendations from past customers and learn how long he has been in business to get a better sense of whether you can trust him or not.


You will want a written estimate from the mechanic before agreeing to allow him to begin the repairs. A written estimate will ensure he cannot increase the cost of the service higher than a price you originally agreed on.


Demand some sort of warranty or guarantee on the parts and labor provided by the mechanic. You do not want to pull out of the parking lot and have the issue reoccur again immediately and find out that the mechanic refuses to correct the problem unless you agree to additional payment.

We know it can be hard to trust mechanics. We hope these tips help you identify a mechanic you can trust and if not we hope you visit Green’s Auto Repair as we guarantee results and friendly, trustworthy service to all of our customers every single day.

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