Tips to Improve Gas Mileage

pump gasoline

You don’t need to buy a new car to improve your gas mileage. There are several things you can do concerning your driving behavior and your current automobile that can improve gas mileage and limit your trips to the gas station.


Don’t speed and you will improve gas mileage. It really is that simple. You will get 15% better gas mileage from driving at speeds lower than 65 mph. You will waste gas with each incremental mph over 65 mph and you won’t arrive at your destination that much sooner.


If you notice a yellow light ahead, lower your speed as you approach it. Do not drive full speed up to the yellow or red light and then brake. If you can roll to the light without ever coming to a complete stop you will prevent the need to go from 0 mph which uses a lot of gasoline.


Low tire pressure results in wasting gasoline. You can improve gas mileage if you routinely check the tire pressure and add air to your tires as needed. This should be done each week at a minimum.


If you aren’t using the bike rack or luggage rack on the top of your vehicle, you should remove it. The extra weight on the car adds drag and resistance that requires more power from the car to move forward. More power means more gas is being used just for the rack on the roof.


Clean your air filter and replace it as necessary to improve gas mileage. The engine will have to overcompensate and expel gasoline if the air filter is clogged with dirt and debris.


Install new spark plugs in your car on a regular basis and it will help to improve the gas mileage of the vehicle. Spark plugs are available at most auto stores and are much cheaper than constant trips to the gas station to refill your gas tank.

Follow these tips and you will improve your gas mileage and save some money at the pump every month.