Steps to Clean Your Car Interior

car interior

To clean the interior of your car isn’t as easy as the exterior. After all, you can drive to your nearest carwash and have the exterior clean in 5 minutes or less. The car interior requires a little more time and elbow grease.

You should do your best to keep the interior organized and neat and then deep clean the interior of your car once every 3 months. Here are the steps to clean your car interior:

(1) Garbage & Clutter

The fist thing to do when it is time to clean your car interior is to remove all of the clutter from the car. This could be a gym bag or a travel coffee mug or anything that you brought into your car and forgot about.

Then you need to remove all of the garbage from the car. You will need an empty garbage bag for this step. Throw out old soda cans or cups, food wrappers, receipts and anything you consider trash in the car interior.

(2) Console & Dashboard

To wipe down the console of the car interior, find a clean, microfiber cloth and some window cleaner or special car cleaner and spray the solution onto the cloth. Then wipe down the speedometer and console area as well as the steering wheel and the dashboard.

You should clean around the dials of the radio and the center console by spraying some of the cleaning solution onto an old toothbrush. This will help to reach some of the smaller areas around the dials.

(3) Windows

Find another clean microfiber cloth and spray some window cleaner on it. Be sure the window cleaner you choose is OK for tinted car windows. Wipe down the interior windows of the car with the cloth and uses as much of the cleaner as necessary to remove all smear marks and fingerprints.

(4) Vacuum

You need a handheld vacuum attachment or dry vacuum unit to vacuum your floor mats and the upholstered interior. If you do not have either, you will need to drive to a gas station or carwash that offers vacuum hoses. You can usually use the hose for $1 for 5 minutes.

You need to vacuum to remove food crumbs, loose debris from the bottom of your shoes and any other particles or soil on the floor mats or the upholstered seats, armrests and backrests.

(5) Cleaning Upholstery

We don’t recommend eating in your car but we know it happens. If a spill happens on your car upholstery, you will need to call a professional upholstery cleaning service near you. Most carpet cleaning companies offer this service.

(6) Air Out Your Car

Due to the cleaning solutions required to clean your car interior, you should open the doors and the windows when you are done so all of the fumes leave the car before the next time you drive it.

To clean the interior of your car will require about 15-20 minutes of time but it is worth it as you will enjoy driving in a nice, clean car instead of a dirty one with garbage, stains and fingerprints.