Is It Time for a Total Job Makeover?

Searching for a job is not an uplifting activity to undertake. Starting somewhere new can be a bit frustrating, you might be worried if you might face serious challenges in your new job and won’t be able to make it.

Sometimes, changing your job can be a critical move, it can either be a great move which developed your career oath or simply ruined it. Employees have got different reason of why they might think of changing their career, some reasons might be personal and others would be business wise. Whatever the reason is, changing your career must be done professionally and counting every single move.

When is it the right time to consider changing your job?

Below is a list of 7 examples of when it might be time to change your current job:

  1. Better Salary Rate

Changing your job for a better salary rate is the most empathetic reason which might prompt a new job hunt. There are a lot of factors which can influence the salary rate (seniority, bonuses, locations and company field). It’s so easy to find out what similar positions offer in the same terms of recompense, by comparing between salaries for the same job title you’re occupying in different companies and fields, if you came out with a result of a wage increase and it got accepted, then you have no excuse for leaving you current job .what if your boss denied your request of a wage increase? Well, you have to start searching for a new job elsewhere.

  • If you’re not sure of the salary rates paid outside your company, you can easily check famous online job websites like Joblang and compare the salary paid for the same job title you occupying in other companies.
  • You need to put in mind that salary rates are associated with many factors; you need to merge all the surrounded factors and make a good calculation then decide.
  • Bad Management

If you work under a boss or management which stifles you in every single move you do, then that’s too much pressure to handle. You can know whether your management is bad is when they always shut you down when you introduce new ideas and you’re simply being mismanaged, this might be above your tolerance level. Looking for another chance for a new job role in different companies seems like a logical move if you’re being mismanaged. Being managed by an un-professional employer or boss is a killer career environment for you to enroll in, you might tolerate it for a while but you don’t want to misbehave and burn bridges, you need to maintain your professionalism for the sake of your future career path.

  • You can know and determine if you’re being mismanaged or it’s only the company’s policy which you already know about.
  • Negative Work Environment

Working in a negative work environment is a core reason to consider looking for another opportunity somewhere else. It’s your right to work in a decent work environment, being under pressure and un-comfortable among your colleagues and in the company is not a neutral circumstance to tolerate. Any company would encounter challenges and some negativity once in a while, but you can decide if it’s bearable or not. Working in a negative work environment will eventually draw all you energy and patience, make sure you leave before depression gets you over.

  • Working among un-helpful colleagues, bad culture, inconsiderate, miserable atmosphere or a combination of all, such negativity in your life as a daily basis might get you seriously depressed.
  • Make sure before you apply for a job, do a small research about the company you’ll be applying to, and you can know a lot from feedbacks and reviews.
  • Slow Career development.

Career development might not be an important factor when you’re a fresh graduate but if you’re not then it’s controversial to consider looking for another job. All employees love getting promoted or even a dream job in mind, but we need to be logical as well. If the career development progress is extremely slow, then you must think of changing your job. You need to work in a company which appreciates the employee’s effort besides giving promotional raises for excellent employees. If your company doesn’t appreciate your employees efforts and wouldn’t pay any raises deserved then you obviously need to leave.

  • Do not worry about not finding a job in a short while, job opportunities flows endlessly as well as new job positions are being created due to the rapid information Technology development. If you need to be aware of the latest job opportunities openings you need to visit famous huge online job websites like and surf for the latest updated jobs posted daily.
  • Even if your current job is not considered that much miserable, but after being stuck for a really long period in the same job title you’ll surely start feeling the misery.  Your target is to climb the career ladder not to just settle down and accept the slow development process you’re working in.
  • A lifetime opportunity.

This factor is a rare case opportunity, but it happens. Some employees might get offered a once in a life time job opportunity, a golden change of their boring career path. This might not happen often but it still happens with lucky employees, sometimes you might apply for a dream job and totally forget about it, they might contact you after you have lost hope. When you get offered a once in a lifetime opportunity which pays a lot more , great working environment and a higher job title , then you need to grab the golden chance and start a new job with high hopes of success and prosperity .

  • Take all the chances you can and apply for every job which suits your criteria and qualifications , even if you think they’ll never call you back or get to you , do your role and apply online and just leave it for time !
  • Apply for as many jobs as you can, how? It’s easy. You can visit famous online job websites like and submit your resume for the vacancies you think you’re fit for.

We all know that it’s hard to occupy a job which we like or gives us a big amount of satisfaction. Some people wouldn’t mind staying in a boring job for long periods, and other wouldn’t tolerate working in a job which doesn’t offer them any kind of satisfaction or future career development. At some point, there must be any kind of appreciation at the end, whether it’s a financial appreciation or even a promotional raise. Being stuck a certain level in the career ladder would feel kind of suffocating at some point, you need to either move forward for a better successful career path or simply go for a complete change by looking for a better opportunity in the extraordinary world of business!