Why Led Lighting Systems are the New Disinfectants

Now more than ever, there is a need to keep spaces and surfaces sanitized seeing as the world is facing a pandemic. Besides the disinfection practices that people use currently like hand washing and spraying surfaces down, there may be another way to improve hygiene levels.

We are talking about disinfecting LED lights that are designed to kill germs. These can be an effective way of helping enterprises re-open sooner and people to be safer in public spaces. Let us get into why these lights are necessary and what options are available.

Antimicrobial LED Lighting

We are currently living in a world that is more aware of how fast diseases, viruses, and germs can spread and we have Covid-19 to thank for that. Businesses can use antimicrobial LED lighting to sanitize spaces and re-open them faster.

What is the Science Behind Antimicrobial LED Lighting?

Antimicrobial LED lighting utilizes advancements in microbiology and lighting science to kill harmful germs on surfaces and in the air. These meet the requirements set for commercial applications and provide a discreet disinfecting option.

For instance, you can have the lights running overhead as you go about your daily activities. As long as they are turned on, they kill fungi, bacteria, and germs.

What is the Installation Process?

You are probably thinking that antimicrobial lights are harder to install compared to regular lights because they are installed in the same way more or less. These lights are safe for human use and can therefore be integrated into your lighting system to continuously disinfect your space.

They are commonly used in daycare centers, classrooms, restaurants, and offices. You may want to note that these lights will not degrade animals, plants, or food.

Ultraviolet Light Devices

There is a major difference between Antimicrobial LED lights and UV options and it is that the latter tend to harm human tissues while the former does not. UV disinfectant lights should therefore be set to run when there is no one around.

What is the Science behind UV Disinfectant Lighting?

For decades, scientists have been aware that UVC lighting can destroy viruses and bacteria. Although there are no conclusive studies to show that these lights can kill Covid-19, they are now being used in healthcare facilities.

UV light can help curb the spread of diseases like tuberculosis and influenza and is being used in different settings to supplement N95 masks. They are also used in decontaminating PPEs to make them reusable.

Portable units with these lights are also popular when it comes to disinfecting items like cellphones and other smaller items in different settings.

What is the Installation Process?

Disinfecting UV lighting solutions supplement your main lighting and what that simply means is that they work with your preexisting lighting system. They come with controls that can b set and customized to meet your specific needs.

 These lights are common in healthcare facilities, retail, hotels, gyms, and airports.

Why Should you Get LED Disinfecting Lighting Systems?

You stand to gain several benefits by purchasing LED lighting for sanitizing your spaces. Here are some of those benefits.

Cleaner Surfaces

Surfaces need to be clean especially if you are handling food. Regrettably, most food places fail to pass this test before, during, and after inspections. The good news is that LED disinfectant lighting can supplement surface cleaning efforts to maximize hygiene.

Moreover, with different kinds of germs, surfaces, and foods, there is an assortment of different cleaning agents that can be confusing. Using LED-disinfecting lighting ensures that all surfaces remain clean.

Eliminate Mold & Mildew

The presence of mold and mildew can have an establishment closed down. This happens mostly in restaurants and that is because of walk-in freezers. Contrary to common belief, humidity control in such freezers cannot prevent mold and mildew. In fact, it can aggravate the situation.

Besides, cleaning a walk-in that has been infested by mold and mildew will be time-consuming and costly. Disinfectant lighting offers a great way to eliminate mold and mildew in walk-in freezers. It is also safe for food, but it also kills germs.

This is why most food processing plants have been using them in their walk-in freezers for years.

Sanitize Equipment

Restaurant surfaces are not the only ones that can transmit diseases. The same applies to equipment surfaces including POS devices and ordering screens. Portable disinfectant LED lighting can be placed over such devices for some time to kill germs without destroying them.

This lighting can also be fitted into ordering kiosks and run when the devices are not in use to ensure that they are sanitary.

Spontaneous Bathroom Decontamination

Bathrooms in public places are almost impossible to keep clean. Even after cleaning, the microbes in a public bathroom are likely to decolonize because of the high traffic there. Of course, this puts whoever uses them at risk of catching infections.

Public establishments can use disinfectant LED lighting by connecting it to the sensors used in determining whether a room is occupied or not. When the bathroom is unoccupied, the light fixture can be turned on to sanitize the room.

The lighting can also be linked to a lighting system to automatically run and sanitize public bathrooms after certain intervals.

Decrease the Use of Chemicals

It doesn’t matter if chemicals are toxic or not – they remain to be potential hazards. You also want to keep in mind that germs can develop immunity against the chemicals. What you probably do not know is that UV sanitizing lighting dos not contain any chemicals.

Along with manual cleaning methods, this kind of lighting is believed to eliminate up to 99% of all germs. Manual cleaning techniques may just spread chemical-immune bacteria around, but disinfecting lighting works to reduce and eliminate germs.

Final Thoughts

LED lighting solutions are taking over the world not only because they are energy-efficient, but also because they are more affordable. With all the advancements that now even make it possible for the lighting to kill germs, there is no reason why you should not get yourself some.